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Wensleydale Longwool news and competition details

Last Updated on 06/05/2021


Our restyled Knitting Kits are now in our online store as well as in the shop. They make a good project or an attractive gift!

Knitting Kits
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We are really pleased to introduce our new Yarn photographs, taken for us by of ScenicView Gallery based nearby in Reeth! You will see our stunning new photos of our Yarns on our web site. The photos are much clearer, more vibrant and accurate in colour representation.

Wensleydale Longwool Yarn
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 1061 size full lazyload src=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201702DSC 1023 DK 150pxjpg alt=Wensleydale Longwool Yarn width=150 height=150 srcset=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201702DSC 1023 DK 150pxjpg 150w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201702DSC 1023 DK 150px 100x100jpg 100w sizes=max width 150px 100vw 150px ><noscript><a> Wensleydale Longwool Yarn Photo by Scenicview Gallery ©2017


The next event we will be attending is Spring into Wool on April 8th at The Grammar School at Leeds. Buy tickets for the show on the Spring into Wool website. We also have some tickets to give away in our competition on social media later this month! So if you don’t already follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, then now is the time to join us (use the social media links at the end of this page).

Spring into Wool Tickets
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The Knitter magazine, which will be coming out at the end of February, will feature a half page advertisement for the event. Four of the exhibitors, including us, will be featured in the advert!

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