Vicky C – October 2022

Vicky C
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Vicky C – October 2022

>>> Hello Kath and Dawn,

I meant to email on Monday when you had had time to catch your breath, after the Bakewell Wool Gathering event.

I love my cardigan. The colour is so much brighter and dynamic than I remember it.

Thank you so much for bringing it down to Bakewell too. It helped a great deal.

Hopefully you had a good day and I hope to catch up with you again, whether it be at a fair, or up at the shop next spring.

Many thanks again.

>>> Hi Vicky,

Thank you so much for your kind email and we’re so glad to hear that you love your Judith cardigan.

We had a great time at Bakewell, and it was lovely to see you there.

Hopefully, we’ll see you again soon.

Kind regards


>>> Hi Dawn,

Thank you for naming my cardigan, I thought it had a name and forgot to jot it down.

It is lovely and I hope it won’t be the last Wensleydale wool garment I buy.

Best wishes