Feedback from Fairisle Workshop attendees – May 2022

Fairisle Workshop attendees
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Feedback from Fairisle Workshop attendees – May 2022

Carol W… 

I had a lovely day with all you wonderful talented ladies!

If I could I would do it all over again (and hope I remember more)😀

I felt very welcome and completely at ease.

Jaki is a fantastic tutor, I feel like I learnt a lot in a short space of time and knew where I was struggling and showed me an easier way (for me) !

She’s so knowledgeable and look forward to doing another workshop with her as I really would like to continue with the Fairisle.

I would love to give yourself and Jaki positive feedback so just let me know which way you prefer!

Thanks again and look forward to joining in on another workshop in the future!

And I’m determined to finish the hat!

Carol x


Susan H… 

We really enjoyed it, it was a very enjoyable day, and definitely learned new useful techniques.  Thank you very much for organising it all.  The day absolutely flew by.

Jaki was extremely helpful and patient, so thanks to her too, and I loved all the colours of her yarn.

I have nearly finished my hat so will send a picture.

Many thanks

Sue and Shelagh


Kath L… 

It was a great day and food especially the lemon drizzle cake. Loved the workshop, found it really helpful. Would definitely do another one if you run any more.

Will post photo of hat when it’s finished…

Also loved the shop beautiful wools… I’ll be back.

best wishes



Julie G… 

I don’t think you could improve it, was great. I haven’t picked mine back up yet either but with me it’s time after work as I’m always too tired. I do intend to complete it though!

Thank you again