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Summer Shows and Knitted clothes 😍

Last Updated on 14/07/2017

We can’t believe it is nearly a month since our last Blog post. Times flies when you are having fun. And we had some fun at Woolfest! See our social media posts for details.

More Summer Shows are imminent including the British Wool Show at Thirsk, North Yorkshire this weekend! Click the link on the photo for details.

British Wool Show
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At the end of the month we will be at Fibre East near Bedford. If you are in the area, join us there!

Also, if you are intending to come along and buy goods from either of these events, then drop us an email with your requirements, to ensure we have enough of what you need, to avoid disappointment (we only have limited space and quantities at these events). Don’t miss out on what you need for your summer garment knitting!

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Before that we are getting in our Time Machine and going back to WW2 with the 1940’s weekend in our home town of Leyburn, North Yorkshire. This is a popular annual event and worth a visit. We will be open throughout the weekend (including Sunday) and getting in the period mood! Come and visit us, just off the Market Place.

Leyburn 1940s Weekend
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Meanwhile, our shop and online store are still open for you to browse and order.
Did you know you can now pay online with all major Credit, Debit and Prepayment cards, or via a PayPal account, in most countries? You can also redeem Gift Vouchers/Coupons online!

We have always promised not to bombard you with emails  and we continue to maintain that promise. So until next time….Keep Knitting!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Shows and Knitted clothes 😍

  1. Hiya, i have been wondering if you have 500g of coloured dyed tops as i need to ply my black Alpaca with something and need 850g worth. My cousin Helen has been to your shop a few times and has shown me the brown/black and i have tried it out on my skin as allergic to lanolin and i’m probably going to be fine as plyed with Alpaca. I am coming to Yarndale and will be hoping to buy 1kg of tops from you there. Many thanks! Andrea Rose.

    1. Yes we do and have emailed a response to you.

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