Rare Breed Sheepskin Rugs


Rare Breed Sheepskins


Quality British rare breed Sheepskin Rugs. Our Rugs are as beautiful as they are unique. Personally selected by us.

Manufactured in the UK and EU from British sheep and finished by hand in the Yorkshire Dales.

Rare breed and Heritage breed rugs are smaller than natural rugs – because rare breed sheep are usually smaller – with Standard sizes approximately 30 x 20 inches (75 x 50 cm). Larger ones are approx. 36 x 26 inches (91 x 66 cm). Larger rugs are woollier with a much thicker fleece. Double sheepskins, when available, are two sheepskins joined together to cover a much larger area.

All our rugs are trimmed individually by hand, the shape will vary depending on the shape of the individual sheep. Some may be long and thin, some may be wider, some may be symmetrical, some may not.

Rare breed – Colours and patterns will vary enormously from slightly speckled white and cream through to all black/brown rugs. NONE of these rugs are dyed. All are beautiful natural products to enhance your home! Fashionably ‘hygge‘!

Images are representative. Being natural products, actual sheepskins may vary in size and coloration.

Ideal on the floor, sofa, bench or chair.

Select a Sheepskin to see more specific details.

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Weight1500 g

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