Edinburgh Natural Skincare Lemon Shampoo bar


Solid Shampoo bar from the Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company 

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Shampoo bar from the Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co.:

Best Hair Repair Treatment for Damaged Hair: It’s solid, it’s chunky, it’s Lemonazing!

The Lemonazing Chunky Shampoo Bar is a little masterpiece formulated with Coconut Oil, virgin organic unrefined Shea Butter, cold pressed virgin Olive Oil and virgin organic Argan oil. The scent we chose was Sicilian Lemon essential oil. Sicilian Lemons are considered to be the best Lemons in the world due to the perfect growing conditions of nutrient rich volcanic soil and copious amounts of Mediterranean sunshine…paradise!

Do we put it in a plastic container? Absolutely not! It arrives in a perfectly proportioned canvas bag which allows you to carry it around. When it’s finished, the bag can be recycled easily.

It’s one of the best hair repair treatments for damaged hair and is kind to the environment too.

No artificial colourings, preservatives or fragrance oils.

100% Natural. Hand made in Scotland.


Definitely not tested on animals.

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