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Listen to our review on Knit British Podcast!

Knit British podcast reviews Wensleydale Longwool

Last Updated on 26/07/2019

We are reviewed on the Knit British Podcast

We are very pleased to have our business and new limited edition Wensleydale Aran Marl reviewed by Louise Scollay on the latest Knit British Podcast (sponsored by BritYarn). Listen to Episode 91 now, which includes other interesting reviews and comments, on iTunes or via this link  You’ll find us about half way through. It’s worth a listen!

Knit British
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Check out the Aran Marl featured in this Podcast here:

Wensleydale Aran Marl
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 1830 size medium lazyload src=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201708Aran Marl long 300x225jpg alt=Wensleydale Aran Marl width=300 height=225 srcset=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201708Aran Marl long 300x225jpg 300w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201708Aran Marl long 416x312jpg 416w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201708Aran Marl long 768x576jpg 768w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201708Aran Marl long 1024x768jpg 1024w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201708Aran Marl longjpg 1600w sizes=max width 300px 100vw 300px ><noscript><a> Wensleydale Aran Marl

Our Knitters are Winners!

Two of our Knitters won First and Third Prizes for their knitting at Wensleydale Show today. Well done!

Wensleydale Show Prize winners
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 1832 size medium lazyload src=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201708Wensleydale Show Prize winners 225x300jpg alt=Wensleydale Show Prize winners width=225 height=300 srcset=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201708Wensleydale Show Prize winners 225x300jpg 225w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201708Wensleydale Show Prize winners 416x555jpg 416w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201708Wensleydale Show Prize winners 768x1024jpg 768w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201708Wensleydale Show Prize winnersjpg 1200w sizes=max width 225px 100vw 225px ><noscript><a> Wensleydale Show Prize winners

Bank Holiday

In closing, just to mention that our Leyburn store will not be open this upcoming Bank Holiday Monday. We are back open on Tuesday as normal.
You can, however, still browse and order 
online at anytime and from anywhere.
Have a good weekend!

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