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Hurry 10% Off until Monday | Plus Free UK delivery on orders over £50

Last Updated on 18/07/2019

10% OFF until Monday!

It’s Spring Bank Holiday Weekend in the UK!
Hurry we have 10% OFF purchases both Online and in Store from now through to end of Monday 28th May (UK time). Just enter code SPRING18 at Checkout or quote in Store.

10% Off
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Free UK Delivery!


Free UK Delivery
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We have now introduced free delivery to UK addresses for orders of £50 and over! This promotion is not time limited and is available ongoing. Bulk up your order and save!

If your order qualifies you will see the Free Delivery option in your Basket/Cart and at Checkout. Just select it to get free shipping/delivery.

Your Privacy and GDPR



If in Europe you have probably been inundated recently by emails asking for your permission to continue sending you marketing emails! This is due to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force on Friday 25th May. It is quite a wide ranging law that gives consumers more say over how their personal data is used, though many of these email requests were probably unnecessary!

We believe we already have your consent to continue to send you relevant information via email, either as someone who has previously subscribed to our Newsletter and Offers or as someone who has ordered from our Online Store.

We treat your privacy seriously and hope you will stay with us. We only send occasional emails when we think there is something worth sharing. We never spam, sell or share your information with others.

You are able to update your preferences or unsubscribe at any time and request that we delete your personal data. You will find links at the bottom of our Newsletter emails and there are options on our website too. If in doubt email us.
You can review our revised Privacy Policy here.

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