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Heart Knitting Kits ♥ and more Patterns online

Wensleydale Aran Knitting Patterns

Last Updated on 06/05/2021


NEW: Heart Knitting Kit

Just in time for Valentines Day, we have our new Heart Knitting Kit, for sale in Store and Online. It includes the Pattern and the Mini skeins required to knit three Hearts in different colours. It is a small project so quick to knit!

Wensleydale Knitted Hearts
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 2562 size large lazyload src=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801Wensleydale Knitted Hearts 768x1024jpg alt=Wensleydale Knitted Hearts width=768 height=1024 srcset=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801Wensleydale Knitted Hearts 768x1024jpg 768w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801Wensleydale Knitted Hearts 416x555jpg 416w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801Wensleydale Knitted Hearts 225x300jpg 225w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801Wensleydale Knitted Heartsjpg 1200w sizes=max width 768px 100vw 768px ><noscript><a> Wensleydale Knitted Hearts

More Aran Patterns now online

We have continued adding to our Wensleydale Aran Knitting Patterns in our online store for sale and immediate download. These have proved very popular. Have a look.

Wensleydale Aran Knitting Patterns
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 2442 size large lazyload src=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801Wensleydale Aran Knitting Patterns 1024x819jpg alt=Wensleydale Aran Knitting Patterns width=980 height=784 srcset=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801Wensleydale Aran Knitting Patternsjpg 1024w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801Wensleydale Aran Knitting Patterns 416x333jpg 416w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801Wensleydale Aran Knitting Patterns 300x240jpg 300w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801Wensleydale Aran Knitting Patterns 768x614jpg 768w sizes=max width 980px 100vw 980px ><noscript><a> Wensleydale Aran Knitting Patterns

You can order the yarn required at the same time and get that posted to you. We specify the amount of wool required in the Pattern description.
Once we have completed adding our Aran patterns, we will be adding our most popular DK and 4 Ply Patterns.

The full range of printed patterns are still available for purchase in Store and at Events.

Upcoming Events

We are now preparing for the start of the Event season. Our first one this year will be the prestigious Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March, followed by Spring into Wool (Leeds) in April. Get these in your diary and join us!

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 2569 size large lazyload src=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801EYF2018 1024x290jpg alt=Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018 width=980 height=278 srcset=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801EYF2018 1024x290jpg 1024w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801EYF2018 416x118jpg 416w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801EYF2018 300x85jpg 300w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801EYF2018 768x217jpg 768w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801EYF2018jpg 1728w sizes=max width 980px 100vw 980px ><noscript><a> Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018
Spring into Wool 2018
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 2570 size full lazyload src=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801SIW18 Exhibitor Imagejpg alt=Spring into Wool 2018 width=864 height=864 srcset=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801SIW18 Exhibitor Imagejpg 864w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801SIW18 Exhibitor Image 324x324jpg 324w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801SIW18 Exhibitor Image 100x100jpg 100w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801SIW18 Exhibitor Image 416x416jpg 416w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801SIW18 Exhibitor Image 150x150jpg 150w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801SIW18 Exhibitor Image 300x300jpg 300w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801SIW18 Exhibitor Image 768x768jpg 768w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201801SIW18 Exhibitor Image 50x50jpg 50w sizes=max width 864px 100vw 864px ><noscript><a> Spring into Wool 2018

Keep watching our Social Media feeds (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) as we will have two Tickets for Spring into Wool to give away soon.


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