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From Fleece to finest lustre Yarn | Wonderwool Wales | Baby Wool 🐏

From Fleece to finest lustre Yarn

Wensleydale Longwool Fleece drying in the Yorkshire Dales
Wensleydale Longwool Fleece drying in the Yorkshire Dales

Our wonderful rare breed Wensleydale Longwool fleece has been washed and is drying in the warm Spring sunshine of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

These long lustrous locks are why our worsted woven Yarn is so shiny and fine. All Spun, Dyed and Balled locally in Yorkshire. This is what makes it such a premium wool and the ‘most valuable and finest lustre Longwool in the world’! Buy the best….

Alternatively, buy our washed and hand dyed Fleece and Tops in Store and at Wool Shows…
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WonderWool Wales


Wonderwool Wales
Wonderwool Wales

Talking of Wool Shows, next weekend 28-29 April we are at the ever popular Wonderwool Wales event at the Royal Welsh Showground – hands-on Wool-School workshops and events showcasing the best of Welsh and British wool and natural fibres. Come and see our wonderful wool, fleece, yarn and other goodies there!
If you need us to bring anything in particular for you please let us know by mid-week.

Baby Wool

We mainly sell our own ‘Sheep Shop’ Wensleydale wool plus some ‘The Knitting Goddess’ multi-coloured yarn, but so many people have asked for Cotton / Bamboo and Baby wool that we now have a small selection in the Shop.
King Cole Baby DK wool
King Cole Bamboo cotton yarn


To buy these visit our Wool Shop in Leyburn.

If you can’t visit us in person then…
Visit our online SHOP NOW 

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