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DK Pattern using our Yarn in Knitting Magazine!…

Lime Bitters Knitwear pattern in Knitting magazine

Last Updated on 14/07/2019

We are proud that Knitting magazine chose our Lime Sherbert DK yarn to be featured on the cover of the April 2017 issue of their magazine, which is out now!

Lime Bitters Knitwear pattern
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Inside you will find a wonderful Lime Bitters pattern, using our wool, by designer Francesca Hughes for you to knit. You can buy the yarn in our Shop, via our Stockists or via our website.

Francesca Hughes Lime Bitters DK Knitwear pattern in Wensleydale Lime Sherbet
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Our competition to win a pair of tickets to the Spring into Wool event is still open until March 20th. To enter like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Look for our Spring into Wool post, like it and then follow us.
We will be exhibiting there on April 8th, so please join us. Looks like being a good day!

Spring into Wool Tickets
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 1062 size medium lazyload src=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201702Spring into Wool Tickets 300x229png alt=Spring into Wool Tickets width=300 height=229 srcset=httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201702Spring into Wool Tickets 300x229png 300w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201702Spring into Wool Tickets 416x317png 416w httpswwwwensleydalelongwoolcoukwp contentuploads201702Spring into Wool Ticketspng 500w sizes=max width 300px 100vw 300px ><noscript><a> Spring into Wool Tickets

The Knitter magazine (out now) features a half page advertisement for the event. Four of the exhibitors, including ourselves, are featured in the ad! We are also mentioned in the latest issue of Knitting magazine as exhibitors!

More news and updates in our next Blog. In the meantime we will continue posting on social media. Join our flock there (use the links in the footer of this newsletter).

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