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Another Bank Holiday: Sit in the sun and knit 😎

Last Updated on 06/05/2021

It’s been a busy time for us since our last Blog post, having been at Wool@J13 and Tynedale Spinners Gathering as well as keeping the shop in Leyburn and mail orders going! Thank you for everyone who visited us at these events and introduced themselves. It was good to see you and to meet so many new friends.

We have a few weeks respite until our next big event, which will be at Woolfest Cumbria, the original British wool festival.

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Before that we have another Public Bank Holiday in the UK this weekend. As we have above average temperatures it is an opportunity to sit in the sun, relax and knit! Get your supplies of yarn in at the shop or online. We will be open as normal this Saturday and will also be open on Bank Holiday Monday (29th)! Pop in if you are in the Yorkshire Dales during the holiday weekend or half term week.

If you are visiting Leyburn during the weekend of June 17th – 18th there will be the Dales Festival of Food and Drink right next to us in the Market Place. Our store will be open throughout the weekend (including Sunday). Worth a visit – food and yarn!

Dales Festival of Food and Drink
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We are frequently adding to our product range, so if you haven’t visited our shop or online store recently it is worth another look. As a teaser we are currently having some new Aran Marl spun which will be available in the next month and we expect to take it to Woolfest Cumbria!

Aran Marl
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Have a good weekend.

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